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Akatsuki Stamp!

Which psychopathic killer with a fetish for red clouds and nail polish are YOU?!

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Akatsuki Stamp

Welcome to Akatsuki Stamp, a stamping/rating community for the wonderfully criminal organization Akatsuki in the manga/anime Naruto by Kishimoto Masashi. Because of course you would like to know... which psychopathic killer with a fetish for red clouds and nail polish are YOU?!


⊕ The current list of characters you can possibly be stamped as is as follows: Deidara, Hidan, Itachi, Juugo, Kakuzu, Karin, Kisame, Konan, Madara, Orochimaru, Pein/Leader-sama, Sasori, Sasuke, Suigetsu, Tobi, Zetsu.

⊕ To prove that you've read the rules, please type 'Akatsuki = male harem' in the subject line of your application post. If you do not do this, we will assume you haven't read the rules. You'll be warned once to fix your post, and if you fail to do so within twenty four hours, your application will be deleted.

⊕ Please try to use proper grammar. Spelling one or two words incorrectly is fine, but excessive typos are not. Chatspeak and 1337 are amusing in small amounts only. Typing "liek disz" is just sad.

⊕ You should always be truthful. Don't try and tilt your application in a specific direction. Your application should be based on who you are, not who you want to be.

⊕ You will be stamped when you receive 5-7 votes, or at the moderator's discretion. A tie will result in being stamped as two characters rather than one. In cases where it's split more than two ways, a mod will make a decision, or a post will be made asking for more votes.

⊕ You may resubmit an application if you disagree with who you have been stamped as; just post and state in the entry that you are reapplying. Please make an extra note stating the character as whom you were stamped, especially if you do not want to be stamped again as that character. This is the only instance in which you are allowed to reject a character.

⊕ You can and should vote, even if you're not stamped yet! Please try to vote as much as possible. Be active, or this community will never get anywhere.

⊕ Please vote on at least three open (unstamped) applications before submitting your own application. As proof that you have done this, be sure to include links to those votes in your application. If there are less than three open applications on which to vote, vote on as many as possible and indicate the shortage in your application. Click here to see all unstamped applications.

⊕ If you do not use a lj-cut, your entry will be deleted if it is not edited within twenty four hours. The lj-cut is included in the application code, so there is no excuse.

⊕ You must be at least 13 years old. This is more of an LJ rule than a community-specific one.

⊕ If you feel uncomfortable about revealing your real name here, you may either use a nickname OR friends-lock the post.

⊕ You MUST join and post your own application. We don't want too many lurkers, okay? Don't post applications for your friends; they should post their own.

⊕ If your post is deleted (for whatever reason), the mod will copy and paste the application in a comment to the entry, so that the text of your post will be in your inbox.

⊕ You are not to delete any comments to your entry, especially not mod comments. If we find out mod comments have been deleted, your entry may be deleted, with no copy saved.

⊕ Be pleasant; we will not tolerate bashing. You will be banned if you disrespect other members or the moderator.

⊕ Please bold your votes! It'll be easier to see what your actual vote is. The exact code to use, if you're not sure, would be ' < b > -insert character name < / b >', removing the spaces.

⊕ You can vote someone as up to three characters if you're really unsure. Try to keep an open mind when voting.

⊕ Okay, so I lied. The line isn't 'Akatsuki = male harem' anymore; instead, please type 'Human nature pursues strife.' in the subject line for your stamping application only.

⊕ You must be stamped as an Akatsuki member before you can post any themed application.

⊕ The subject line for your matchmaking-themed application should be the phrase you see in the second rule.

Stamping Application

Themed Applications

Please read the rules for information specific to each theme.


















If you would like to affiliate, please comment to any MOD POST in the community with your request.

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